Saturday, May 17, 2008

China Earthquake aid through various organizations

1. Besides the Red Cross, some other reputable charitable organizations are listed below:

World Vision, with its team on the ground in Sichuan already.

Doctors Without Borders
and their aid activities in China

台湾慈济 Tzu Chi
and their aid activities in China. They've sent a plane to Sichuan and have a team on the ground already.

2. Grassroots, Independent aid initiative in China

Han Han, probably the best known young writer, along with other bloggers at the independent started this aid initiated. Han Han is already in Chengdu.

3. Matching Pledge by Rebecca MacKinnon, who was a CNN reporter, bureau chief in Beijing in the late 1990s, currently a professor at Hong Kong University. She has pledged to give $500 more, if 500 more people around the world will also donate at least USD 20. So far 182 has signed up.

For more details, see email below. NOTE: you can donate to a number of organizations through this pledge.

Please make a public pledge of your support for the Chinese people by
going to this link on Pledgebank:

After making your pledge, please go right away to one of the websites
linked on the site (or to some other charity of your choice) and make
a donation. If you would like to suggest other websites where people
can donate online to the Chinese quake victims, please click on the
"comments" section and post the web link and/or any other information
you'd like others to know concerning donations.

Rebecca MacKinnon
Assistant Professor, Journalism & Media Studies Ctr.
University of Hong Kong (
E-mail: | Tel: +852-2219-4005
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